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Juniper Yoga Studio

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Yoga Bend Oregon

Tranquility. Community. Vitality.

Welcome to Mid-Town Juniper Yoga. We invite YOU to discover the flexibility and strength of your body and mind at our hot yoga studio in Bend, Oregon.

Juniper Yoga hosts four types of classes — Vinyasa Hot Flow, Bikram-inspired Hot Hatha, Yin-Yasa and restorative Yin — seven days a week.

Our compassionate, highly skilled instructors can conform postures to help build a strong foundation for new students, encourage healing for students in need of rehabilitation, and still challenge the most-seasoned yogis.

Come and experience the warmth of our students, staff and studio at Juniper Yoga.

Juniper Yoga is locally owned and operated by Nicole Rainey.


Join us tomorrow for Emily’s Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop!!!

The second session of the Arm Balance and Inversion workshop is tomorrow afternoon (Oct. 18, 2014) from 12-2pm. This is a great opportunity to finally conquer those tricky arm balances. Be prepared to learn, laugh and have a great time.

Emily Arm Balance

You will:

  • Learn preparatory poses through step-by-step instruction & precise alignment cues
  • Learn how to safely enter, maintain & exit various arm balances & inversions.
  • Learn to utilize your bandhas (energy locks) to create core stability, strength and levity, and learn pranayama techniques to access your bandhas.
  • Improve your chaturanga dandasana through stability of the shoulder girdle and proper body & arm alignment.
  • Have fun learning new postures in a playful supportive environment
  • Juniper Yoga’s soft tatami mat floors are perfect for learning arm balances and inversions.

Emily began her yoga journey in 2004. After completing a 9 week, 500-hour teacher training, she has been enthusiastically sharing her love of yoga since 2008. In the studio, Emily builds a foundation of alignment & breath, & encourages focusing on the present. From that foundation, she brings a sense of spontaneity, creativity, challenge & fun to every class.


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