Hot Flow Yoga

Hot Flow Yoga is an upbeat, challenging class that teaches the fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. Performed in a heated room, sun salutations, balancing postures and seated poses will be practiced, depending on the instructor. Special emphasis is placed on moving into and out of postures safely, using correct alignment and synchronizing breath and movement. According to the ashtanga tradition, the purpose of linking the breath with movement (vinyasa) is internal cleansing. Typically, inhalations are linked to upward movements and motions intended to expand the front of the body and create lightness. Exhalations are tied to movements that either compress the belly, as in forward bends and twists, or ground and stabilize us with downward flowing energy. For example, at the beginning of a sun salutation we inhale as we raise our arms to the sky and exhale as we fold forward toward the earth.