date Sunday Sept 306:00pm-7:30pm

Restore and Reset: An evening of gentle yoga postures, Yoga Nidra, and the Koshas
Join Yogini’s Brooke Coletta and Katie Funk for a 90 minute journey through the energetic layers of the body. We will peel away each sheath (kosha) of the body using supportive yoga postures, Yoga Nidra and deeply seeded intention setting.$20 pre register/ $25 at door

**Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation meant to send the body into a deep state of relaxation. Using visualizations, body sensations and intention setting, the physical body surrenders into the most restful phase of conscious sleep.**


Sunday July 8 2018

Breathwork in the Heart of Summer W/Steph Rayburn


Location: Midtown Juniper Yoga

Time: 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Details: Breathwork is a tool for releasing the wisdom of You, dropping into a flow state and finding full ecstatic rejuvenating bliss! This evening workshop will be guided by you and for you as you hone your ability to hold space for others. Tap into your intuitive ability to sense energy and create a healing space for all.

Price: $15 or donation

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